Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Inevitable

This is what happens after a long morning of grocery shopping with Momma:

Happy 4 months Jack-Jack. Momma loves you.

Cute Is What He Aims For...

...and he pulls it off flawlessly. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hatch Camp

This past weekend we went camping with Bart's family up in Payson. It was nice to get away from demanding work and nagging chores...and the weather was beautiful during the day (night was a different story). And I finally made myself take pictures of as much as I could. Here they are. Enjoy!

Aunty Amy and Jack when we first arrived at camp. I was trying to heat up some milk for him while Amy was trying to calm him down.

The Sargers came camping with us too. Here he is in his own little tent.

We were able to bring some bikes up and ride them around the campground. It was so much fun, and Brody looked like a pro riding his new bike.

Unfortunately that's all the pictures I took the first day we were there. That night was freezing cold and I hardly slept. I was either awake, worrying about Jack freezing or asleep, dreaming that Jack was freezing. It was not a good night. So needless to say Bart and I were awake at 5:00 am (with many other members of our family) and sat by the nice, warm fire while I fed Jack-Jack.

Side note: After Jack eats he is the happiest boy in the world (who wouldn't be happy, right?) but what is so funny about Jack is that at this time all of his faces come out (and his tongue). For example:

And cousin Dylan was nice enough to let Jack where his hat...thanks Dylan!

By this time almost everyone was sitting by the I decided to take some more pictures of everyone, including:

Bart and Jack (again). This photo cracks me up...they have exactly the same look on their face.

Hilary, who finished reading Stephanie Meyer's new book.

Amy and sleepy Brody who wouldn't look at the camera for me.

Grandma Hatch and Paigey trying to get warm.

And this cute boy with his momma:

I love those squishy cheeks!

And then there were the early morning cooks...

Papa Roy and Shane "the creeper".

It went pretty well despite my lack of enthusiasm for camping. Hopefully we can go next year!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Special Visit

Sorry Leanna and Marc for not posting this sooner, but we loved seeing you two last month.

And here's Jack with his favorite doggie you gave him...

He couldn't be happier.

Jack wants to see you again so don't be strangers. :)

Thanks for everything!