Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Heart Visitors

This baby boy came to visit me yesterday.

He's a cuddler.

A super sweet cuddler.

I love cuddlers.

Especially since Jack won't be caught dead cuddling.

He's also the son of these proud parents.

It's so nice to welcome more couples into parenthood.

Especially the couples I know so well.

Did I mention he was super sweet?

Well he is...

Especially when he has someone moving and poking him every 30 seconds, and flashing a light in his face. And all he wanted to do was sleep.

And he's happy.

It's so good to have a happy baby.

Baby C:
Thanks for letting me hold you for such a long time last night...even though I made your face turn red because you laid on me for so long.

You brightened my night.

And filled our home with the newborn baby smell.
(I love that smell)

Come back anytime. Especially when your mom and dad look tired.

I would love to watch you. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello, my name is...


He is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to Bart and I.
You know, life was pretty good with just the two of us...but when he came along...our lives became so much sweeter. We didn't know how much we were missing until he showed up and filled it with so many great things. Like:

His smiles.

His laughs.
The little giggles, and the deep belly laughs.
They are so contagious.

His discoveries.
Everything is an adventure.

His love for food.
(Just like mom.)

Birthday cake.

Daily banana for breakfast.


And that my dear friends, was a marshmellow Peep.

His energy levels.

His day only consists of this: WALKING. EVERYWHERE.
The kid is unstoppable.

His cuteness.

We love you baby boy, so much.
Life just isn't the same.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

For My Bart.

Happy Father's Day to the guy who has blessed my life the most!

Here are a few things I love most about Bart:

1. He's a great dad.
Jack's whole being lights up when his dad walks into the room. Bart is definitely the "fun" parent, but he can and will discipline when necessary.

2. He's strong.
He can literally lift anything. In all the years we have been married, I haven't seen one thing he couldn't lift. But he's strong in more ways than one. Life can make you feel small really quick, but the strong ones bounce back. Bart has bounced back so many times that I've lost track...and I believe his testimony of the gospel has helped him with that as well.

3. He makes life worth living.

A few weeks before Bart and I were married I remember standing outside of his parent's house, talking over what our future life would be like. Before we parted ways for the night Bart gave me a big hug and said: "Ashlee, the one thing you need to know about me is that I like to make life worth living." Not a day has gone by since then that I haven't heard him laugh or enjoy some part of his day. He finds the good in everything, no matter how inconsequential. He's a genuinely happy person.

4. He doesn't sweat the small stuff.
I am horrible at's definitely one of my weaknesses.
When I tell him of some trifle that I'm freaking out about at the moment he always asks: "So what's the big deal?" (He says this in a much nicer way of course). Every time he points this out, I always stand back and think, "you know...I have no idea". And then it's forgotten. He can see the bigger picture and know that the small problematic stuff doesn't matter in the long run.

5. He has patience like Job.
Especially with me.
I can drive anyone crazy (even myself sometimes), and for the most part he just goes with it.

6. He's friendly.
Bart makes a friend wherever he goes. He will strike up a conversation with a stranger, and literally 20 minutes later, have their phone number and a date set for hanging out. It amazes me every time I see this happen. He is a very likable guy.

7. He supports me.
Every idea I pass by him I always get a positive answer. It seems like everyday I do this and he always shakes his head in support. For example:

Ashlee: "Hey Bart, what do you think about me starting a garden?"
Bart: "Do it babe, I think it's a great idea."

Ashlee: "Hey honey, I really want to take some photography classes."
Bart: "I definitely think you should. You take great pictures."

Ashlee: "Hey baby what do you think about me riding my bike to work?"

Bart: "That would be great, we need to get you ready for it."

Even in the crazy ideas:

Ash: "Hey Bart, I want to become a preschool teacher and teach out of our house."
Bart: "Sure, dear. Whatever you want...?"

8. He's handsome.
He's just as studly-looking as the day I first met him.
This is why our little boy is so dang cute.

9. He's a handy man.

It is so nice having a handy man around the house. He can fix anything and everything. If he's never fixed it before, he can usually figure it out in 10 minutes. He has taken apart multiple automobiles (numerous times)...fixed the problem...and put them back together again. This boggles my mind. He can whip out shelves, a wooden box, or shooting targets like nobody's business. It's amazing.

10. He's my match in every way.

Seriously, it's like we're complete opposites...but in a perfect way.

I'm always serious.
He's so light-hearted.

I hold grudges.
He forgets any wrong against him the next day.

I try to save all our money.
He tries to spend all our money.

I'm "detail-oriented" (aka: anal).
He's "go with the flow".

I'm book smart.
He's common sense smart.

I'm stubborn.
He can admit he's wrong.

I'm shy and not a people-person.
He makes a friend wherever he goes.

You get the jist. Everything that I lack, he makes up for and vice versa.
We are a perfect match...that clashes from time to time. :)

As you can see I am very grateful for my husband and how he made his way into my life.

Bart, I know sometimes I may not act like it, but in the words of Michael Buble:

You're every line.

You're every word.

You're my everything.

I love you babe.