Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update

We just came back from a family reunion on Bear Lake:

We had a lot of fun. I'll try to blog about it soon...I took lots of pictures! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Messy Business

Guess who had rice cereal today:

Oh yeah, this boy did...and he loved it.

Mommy on the other hand did not enjoy it so much. Just look at the mess it created! How did this happen you might ask?

Well, it could've been when he constantly spit the cereal back out of his mouth after I quickly shoveled it in...which inevitably made rice cereal soup. Or how about when he would stick his hand in his mouth right after I fed him a spoonful and then take it out and wipe it over everything? Or maybe it was when he would grab the spoon with his cereal infested hands?

No, I'm pretty sure the mess happened when he grabbed the spoon from his mouth (after he chewed on it a couple of times of course), looked at the slobbery mess and thought it was interesting enough to eat, then tried to stick it back in his mouth...which then caused the rest of the rice cereal to go all over his face (since the spoon missed his mouth entirely).

Yeah, I think that's what caused the mess...

...but he looked so cute doing it!!

I guess that will make up for the bath I had to give him and the mess I cleaned up afterwards.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Patriotism at it's Best!

Our July 4th consisted of:

Dressing in our country's colors (thanks Amy for Jack's cute tie!!)

Eating food with my family and visiting with my cousins.

And of course...


And this was Jack's expression through the whole thing:

And the grand finale...

...was amazing!

And the troops out there who are fighting for our freedom and protection:

Thank you.

Hatch 4th Celebration

(WARNING: lots of pictures ahead)

The Hatch Celebration with held on Saturday, July 3rd as a BBQ and swim party. After eating and finally getting Jack to take a nap, I was able to take pictures of the fun events:

Dylan, eating some yummy cantaloupe.
I couldn't get enough of this boy...he was so cute!

Brody was working on his chin-ups at the diving board.
And Paigey looks adorable doing whatever.

Hilary and Dylan were enjoying the pool

While Tom was making the best milkshakes ever!

Olivia came to play with all her friends...

and then the Jack man woke up.

He had fun eating (and spitting up).

He had fun by the pool.

He had fun with Daddy...

and Paigey...

...and Aunty Amy (she got him to laugh!!).

So we had a pretty fun day. The food was awesome and the company was even better. (We missed you, Papa Hatch!). I'm so glad I was able to take pictures again...because then I was able to catch this 4 1/2 month cutie at his finest:

Ahhh, I love my life. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to the Family

We bought a new car!!!

Bart has been car shopping this past couple weeks and he was able to find this beauty as our next family car.

Does anyone know what it is??

That's right, a FORD FUSION. Bart is so happy to be driving a Ford again. Can you tell?

Thank you Saturn for your many years of service. You were my first car and I will never forget you. :)

My Favorite Subject

I could take pictures of this boy all day long...

Pictures to come: an early 4th of July celebration with the Hatch Family.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep Believing

How disappointing it is to see someone loose their faith in something. Especially when you still believe in that certain something...with all your heart.

I guess that's part of life: to keep believing in something that others have turned their back on.

What an interesting life this is...

But, in the end I will always keep believing in:

My family


My faith

And I'm really good with that.