Monday, April 27, 2009

Little Imperfections

Freckles have been a part of me since I could remember. Ever since I was a self conscious tween I have been trying to hide these little imperfections. Bart keeps scolding me for trying to hide them...he says that is the main reason why he fell in love with me...(right.) But ever since I have listened to Natasha Bedingfield's song called "Freckles", I have come to like them a bit more. A very little bit more. :)

But Natasha is right, they definitely show my personality.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Safety First.

Some of you may know that I have been riding my bike home from work almost every day for the past couple months, to give me some exercise and to save a little money. It's been so great...

I love riding my bike!

But like all bad girls, I have not been wearing a helmet. And then Monday, April 20th happened. I was riding home (stoked for Dancing with the Stars) when a car hit me in the crosswalk. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

Thankfully the driver only clipped my back tire. Unfortunately I was still thrown to the ground, which left me with a gash on my ankle, a nice purple bruise on my knee, and a broken Converse shoelace and a bent-up back tire as casualties (I'm so sad about my Converse shoelace!).

I can't tell you how grateful I am for a Heavenly Father that protected me even when I was being an idiot (by not wearing a helmet). Since I only make Him protect me from stupidity once, I decided I would not ride my bike until I had a helmet.

Thankfully, Bernadette was on the same wavelength. On Tuesday, April 21st I was greeted at her home with a "Don't get comfortable Ashlee, we're leaving soon." I then find out that my wonderful friend Bernadette and her supportive husband Paul decided to buy me a sweet helmet and very bright shirt so I would be protected and noticeable to all within a 5 mile radius. So I rode my husband's bike home today and with the help of my helmet and shirt, did not get hit by a car or injured in any way!!! (It worked!)

I have got to say, my new bike helmet is the coolest thing ever. Well, as cool as you can get for a bike helmet. And what did I tell you about the shirt...SO bright!

Thanks Paul and Bernadette for keeping me safe!

All the Best!

Monday, April 13, 2009

One. Happy. Converse Family.

Since Bart is always surprising me with gifts, I decided it was about time I gave him one. Bart has been wanting a pair of Converse shoes for awhile now...and he has finally joined the cool crowd. We are now officially a "Converse couple" and we're very proud.

I don't know what it is about Converse shoes that make me love them so much. Maybe its the fact that they're decades old and they are still awesome. What other fashion trend can hold that title? Or perhaps it's because they come in many fabrics and styles for anyone's taste. Has anyone been to the converse website lately? Holy many different's pushing insanity.

As for me, I am the classic low top Converse lover. I have discovered the vast color scheme of this wonderful shoe and I've decided I want almost all of them. Here is my list:

Navy Blue
Royal Blue

So far I have the first three covered (I must cover the basics) and now I'm so excited for #4. The RED Converse shoes. I can't wait! And when I do finally buy them, the first thing coming out of my mouth is...

Thank you Chuck Taylor.

So to end my informal and impromptu Ode to Converse, here is a picture of My Love, sporting his brand new Converse on our beloved scooter:

Life couldn't get much better.
All the best to you and your Converse.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

whats up?

hey its bart, just wanted to say whats up.